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Blake R. Lyngseth

Blake Lyngseth


About Blake Lyngseth


Blake Lyngseth was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. He has an extensive academic background: a law degree from Queens University; degrees in English Literature and Political Science from the University of Toronto; a Masters degree in Piano Performance; and a teaching degree from McGill University. 

He received his call to the Bar in 2001. Blake is also an accredited member of the Ontario Association of Family Mediators (O.A.F.M.) and a certified practitioner in the field of Elder Law. Blake Lyngseth’s primary areas of practice are family law and elder law, and he has considerable experience as both a litigator and a mediator.


Blake’s Approach


Blake advocates a non-adversarial approach to family law and elder law when possible. Unlike other areas of law, family law most often results in significant emotional and financial losses for both parties. The court process, adversarial by nature, will often only serve to exacerbate enmity between separating spouses, and therefore is to be avoided if possible. He recognizes, however, that recourse to the court system is sometimes unavoidable.

Whatever avenue you believe needs to be followed to address and resolve your legal issues—whether it be through mediation or litigation —Blake has the necessary background and experience to help.


Blake Lyngseth’s hourly rate: $320.00